Whether you work for the state or a local municipality, you’re expected to deliver optimal results year after year. When so many moving parts, it’s critical to make sure that every part is operating efficiently. 

If you work for a state agency or local municipality, you often have to deal with additional pressures, circumstances and, yes, even politics not found in public sector organizations. From stricter regulations and requirements to additional paperwork and certifications, doing your job often means additional time and effort.

Gauge understands. We’ve worked with numerous governmental departments and divisions, so we know what you’re going through and how we can provide the information and documentation you need—how and when you need it.

With the Government Accountability Office acknowledging the benefits of telematics (GAO 14-443), Gauge can design a program that fits your needs. From GPS monitoring to driver behavior, engine diagnostics to asset tracking, Gauge is your single-source solution for increasing efficiencies and cost savings.

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