Looking for a single source solution for your GPS, telematics or ELD needs? Whether you’re an owner/operator or you manage a large fleet, Gauge has the experience and expertise you need.

Are you considering a GPS or telematics solution for the first time? Is your current provider over-promising and under-delivering? Either way, Gauge provides an exacting mix of technology and know-how to improve your efficiencies and positively impact your bottom line. 

Gauge knows trucking. In fact, we have specialized experience in the industry, so we understand how factors like taxes, hours of service (HOS), vehicle utilization, fluctuating fuel costs, and vehicle maintenance can have a profound effect on your operation. 

If you're an owner-operator, these factors can impact you on a very personal level. If you manage a fleet, you also have to deal with complex compliance and liability issues. Whether your operation is large or small, downtime or inefficiency can be detrimental to the health of your business, so it's wise to consider new and better ways of doing things.   

Gauge's innovative Smart Hub software gives you instant access to real-time data and allows you to customize reports based on what you want to know. Based what features you're looking for and what size vehicles you're running, we have a variety of hardware solutions that can scale with your business over time.

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