Gauge Telematics Equips State of Indiana Vehicle Fleet With Telematics Solution

Apr 04, 2016

Project hits the 3,000 unit milestone for statewide smart fleet project.

Fleet and asset solutions provider Gauge Telematics (Gauge) announced it has installed the first 3,000 units of the Indiana Department of Administration’s (IDOA) statewide vehicle fleet telematics project. Representing approximately 50% percent of the total fleet, these first vehicles are part of the state’s $6 million investment to efficiently monitor the utilization, location, maintenance and performance of state vehicles. With more than 5,000 devices to be installed by July, the onboard telematics device will gather vehicle diagnostic information for improved decision making in areas such as fuel usage, routine maintenance and fleet sizing.

“The opportunity to help the state of Indiana transition their vehicle fleet to a telematics platform is an exciting endeavor,” said Michael Paredes, CEO of Gauge Telematics. “We were chosen amidst numerous competitors because of our aggressive approach to customer service and focus on returning immediate ROI to the state and its citizens. We consider it an honor that state officials trusted us to provide the technology, flexibility and support needed to get the job done.”

Partnering with M2M hardware specialists The Morey Corporation, Gauge is leveraging the MC-3 product of the Morey Connect (MC) deployable Internet of Things (IoT) product line. Powered by the vehicle itself, the MC-3 technology is installed under the dashboard of every state-operated vehicle, with the exception of law enforcement and elected official vehicles. The devices will collect real-time data on GPS locations, diagnostics, maintenance alerts and other metrics that improve fleet management efficiencies and improve costs. The information gathered is transmitted through cellular communication to Gauge’s “Smart Hub” software application for analytics and reporting which interfaces with IDOA’s system for improved vehicle meter accuracy and efficiency.

“Morey and Gauge have a proven partnership built on our distinct competencies,” said Alex Hauk, director of business development for Morey’s M2M division. “Morey focused on meeting and exceeding the strict hardware requirements put forth by the state, while Gauge delivered the highly flexible asset management platform to yield short and long-term returns to the state of Indiana.”

As part of their contract with IDOA, Gauge will also provide the installation, training and ongoing maintenance and support of installations. In addition Gauge will be conducting a major inventory of state owned vehicles providing the state an updated clean master list of vehicles that will be housed in Smart Hub.

About Gauge

Gauge Telematics is a leading provider of real-time asset tracking for improved equipment utilization, fleet management and process efficiency. Gauge enables fleet operators to organize, track and maintain assets of all types in a secure, central location. Through its robust asset management platform, Gauge Smart Hub 2.0, Gauge empowers users to rapidly gain control of fleet data and maintenance to achieve company-wide statistical reporting in days. Located in Indianapolis, Ind., Gauge is trusted by companies around the world to deliver smart, reliable tracking solutions that drive smart decision making for business growth.

About Morey

Through its M2M division, The Morey Corporation offers ready-to-deploy IoT platforms, purpose-built edge devices and hardware-as-a-service solutions to dynamic and demanding markets across the IoT spectrum. Morey offers engineering, manufacturing and business solutions to support the design, development and deployment of IoT hardware backed by an industry-leading warranty and the highest standards in quality measurement. With an 80-year history of serving markets such as automotive, medical, industrial and heavy equipment, the company has shipped more than one million wireless devices worldwide from its 240,000 square-foot production facility in suburban Chicago. For more information, visit