Smart Hub

Integrating Smart Hub from Gauge into your business is like hiring a team of employees dedicated to watching every movement of your assets. It provides the analytics that allow your organization to maximize the utilization of your assets and rolling stock.

Are your people driving safely? How many compressors are sitting on the sideline not working? How many vehicles are overdue for service? Are your drivers using the most fuel-efficient routes? When do the warranties on your company computers end? Smart Hub from Gauge can help you answer all of these questions—and more.

Data is powerful, but they're just numbers. With Smart Hub on the job, patterns begin to emerge. What we’re good at is showing you the connections. By building this bigger picture, Smart Hub gives you the power to make changes. Tweaks. Improvements. Even the smallest of changes here and there can have a profound impact on your business. Over time, Smart Hub will show you (and your higher ups) how much time, energy and money you saved with these small adjustments. Everyone wins.

Smart Hub gives us real-time information and insights that have had a direct and significant impact on our bottom line.

Owning and managing a lot of assets is expensive, regardless of the industry you're in. At Gauge we understand that, and we do everything in our power to make your job easier. If you're tired of managing multiple systems for your vehicles and heavy equipment, it's time you see how we can bring all of it together for you.

The future is here, are you ready to see it?

Smart Hub provides you with:
Secure cloud based application
Tool tracking system
Fully Integrated AEMP telematics standard
Driver behavior scorecard
Utilization targets
Intuitive user interface
Fuel card transaction integration
Integrated maintenance work order system
Flexible company hierarchy
Extensive asset properties and photos

From Construction to Utilities to Government. And beyond.

Gauge serves a wide variety of clients and industries.