Case Studies

A Smarter Public Health Laboratory

The Marion County Public Health Department’s Public Health Laboratory (MCPHDPHL) provides clinical, microbiology, water, food and sexually transmitted infections testing to one million residents.

The Challenge

As part of MCPHD-PHL Continuous Quality Improvement approach, streamlining the management of instruments and equipment was identified as an opportunity. The process to track instruments, maintain equipment, and log daily lab operations across several analytical areas and lab sites involved an out-of-date Access database and paper log books. This made answering report requests, accessing records, and keeping up with equipment performance/maintenance time intensive and challenging. Upon determining both lab management and front-line staff needs, they decided upon Gauge’s Smart Hub as their asset management solution.

Their Goal

MCPHD-PHL’s requirements for a new system included the ability to organize, manage and track all durable assets. They wanted to install an easy-to-use, web-based system that would:

• Allow for management reporting

• Use information in their previous database

• Include physical locations for assets

• Create and assign standardized maintenance schedules

• Export the entire database

• Offer inexpensive set-up and licensing costs

Our Solution

Gauge implemented Smart Hub to assist with the organization of all MCPHD-PHL’s equipment and scheduling for calibration and maintenance. Smart Hub’s software was adapted to have the look and feel of software suited to a lab environment. Reports were designed to be available with the click of a button, providing a complete inventory report for all clinics and maintenance, calibration and warranty renewal schedules.

Measurable Results

MCPHD-PHL’s adoption of Smart Hub has reduced time and effort spent on asset management. In most cases, responses to asset information requests are pulled in 10 minutes and reported in less than one day, rather than weeks as with the old system. The lab staff has had time for other improvement projects. The use of Smart Hub has led to effective staff changes, too. Now supplies to the entire department occurs in less than seven days – a huge improvement over each area ordering their own supplies, stockpiling and negotiating purchasing for their orders. The Central Purchasing Department’s work also was reduced from processing/publicly posting 108 orders for personal protection equipment per year, and narrowed from 37 vendors to one vendor, with scheduled deliveries once a month. Practicing stock rotation to increase public health readiness has led to preparedness for situations, with 30 days of fresh personal protection equipment stock on hand at all times.


Using industry experience spanning decades and the latest technology, Gauge has helped organizations improve the operational efficiency of their entire mixed fleets since 2009.