Case Studies

Reduce Maintenance Costs with Smart Hub

The Challenge

Nearly 50-year-old G.A. Blocker Grading Contractor, Inc., headquartered in Oswego, IL, needed to gain more control of field production as it related to their inventory of earth-moving equipment, such as large, flat off-road trucks and scrapers. They asked us to help them measure the productivity of their equipment, including truck cycle times. G.A. Blocker needed a technological solution that would assist with maintenance issues and idle reduction as well as cycle counts. This would allow G.A. Blocker to better manage jobs and measure productivity.

Their Goal

G.A. Blocker’s objective was to increase field production and more efficiently manage the maintenance of their assets.

Our Solution

We implemented Smart Hub so that G.A. Blocker would know exactly where their assets were located, whether they were idle, and when their equipment was scheduled for maintenance.

Measurable Results

Having used Smart Hub for over five years, G.A. Blocker now has full control of idle time, cycle time on trucks, and they’ve had no catastrophic breakdowns of equipment since using Smart Hub.


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