Case Studies

Tri-State Forestry Services Sees Immediate ROI

Tri-State Forestry Services, headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, specializes in forestry production services, including tree clearing and mulch processing.

The Challenge

When Matt Lohmeyer, President/Owner, purchased the company, he quickly realized the fleet of equipment needed attention and that the existing preventive maintenance program required immediate retooling in order to minimize high repair costs and reduce costly downtime due to breakdowns. The program also needed to more succinctly and accurately track and plan for regular service and repairs, and proactively manage increasing insurance premiums associated with loss claims. While he was developing a new equipment replacement and maintenance strategy with MacAllister Machinery, Indiana’s Caterpillar dealer, MacAllister recommended working with Gauge to gain control of Tri-State’s fleet and maintenance program.

Their Goal

Tri-State’s goal was to develop a preventive maintenance program that would minimize disruptive breakdowns and costly unexpected repairs. This would allow the company to gain control of its largest investment -- from a capital expenditure standpoint -- and free Tri-State for growth.

Our Solution

We fully implemented Smart Hub telematics on all equipment so that Tri-State could organize and better utilize its assets as well as proactively schedule equipment for maintenance to reduce last-minute breakdowns. Additionally, we set up a numbering system and relabeled the equipment with asset numbers. Going the extra mile, Gauge President and CEO Mike Paredes explained to Tri-State’s insurance agent the benefits of the technology and how it would assist Tri-State.

Measurable Results

Tri-State was facing an 11-percent annual increase in insurance for 2019. Upon taking certain measures such as daily inspections, regular steam cleaning of equipment, oil leak maintenance, and the addition of Gauge’s Smart Hub to aid in management, Tri-State was able to keep the premium increase to four percent. The outlay for these efforts, including the implementation of Smart Hub, was far less than the original insurance increase. Also, Gauge trained the Tri-State staff and they are actively using Smart Hub. Tri-State is anticipating reduced costs in repairs and interrupted production.


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