How do you maximize efficiencies of the telematics systems built into your equipment by the OEM? How can you augment your efforts by include other equipment such as tools, fleet vehicles and more? Gauge's Smart Hub puts you in control.

With Gauge, you can manage variable data from a variety of equipment manufacturers in a single, user-friendly, data-rich platform. This not only saves time, but it allows you to uncover data that helps you make informed decisions.

Built-in telematics can often pose a problem, especially when you’re working with different models made by different OEMs. By bringing all those pieces of equipment together, you can increase your efficiencies and management accuracy, which includes maintenance schedules, driver behavior, idle times, fuel efficiency and more.

Of course, Gauge offers different types of hardware for each individual vehicle or asset. But it's our Smart Hub web platform that does the heavy lifting. From a single dashboard, you can keep tabs on every asset (moving or stationary) at any given moment. Custom reporting allows you to review and analyze the information you need, allowing you to alter routes or usage to maximize efficiency.

With Gauge's Smart Hub, you're in control of your assets. Not the other way around.

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