Internet of Things (IoT)

Although the term Internet of Things (IoT) was first coined nearly two decades ago, it has recently gained traction in several industries. With our technology focus, Gauge is already at the forefront of IoT. And we can help your business get there, too.

The possibilities are nearly limitless. From tracking a mixed fleet to monitoring the temperatures of sensitive immunization samples, Gauge has designed and implemented countless IoT solutions. And many times, the solution helped solve a problem our customers didn't even know they had.

We start by reviewing all your assets and current systems to understand the challenges you might be facing. Then we determine exactly what "things" need to be managed and the best way to go about doing it. To that end, we tailor a solution that meets your specific needs now as well as positions your business for future growth.

But to be effective, your data must be easy to access and served up in a way that makes sense for you, your employees and your business. Gauge’s Smart Hub does exactly that – keeping you up-to-date with real-time data and custom reports.

Using Gauge’s Smart Hub helps you harness the power of your data and take control of the Internet of Your Things.

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