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We understand the time it takes to track instruments and forecast maintenance, not to mention gathering information for audits. With Gauge’s Smart Hub Labs, you have immediate access to the data you need, allowing your lab to operate more efficiently.

Knowing where all your equipment is located and keeping to a regular maintenance schedule is key to your operations. We get it because people in positions such as yours have helped design Smart Hub Labs. With digital management, data collection and delivery, your lab will run much more efficiently.

Preventive maintenance. Calibration schedules. Warranty renewals. Smart Hub Labs can provide the details that keeps your lab up – and not only running – but operating more leanly. Regularly scheduled maintenance ensures that your operations will not experience interruptions, which saves you money.

You will also save a significant amount of time. For example, accessing data at your fingertips with Smart Hub Labs, you will move quickly and easily through audits. And, our clients’ experience indicates that inspectors are pleased with the process and elimination of follow-up details.

Read our case study about how we helped Marion County Public Health Department reduce time and effort spent on asset management.

J Michael Consulting LLC
J Michael Consulting LLC

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Gauge has a partnership with J Michael Consulting LLC (JMC) as an authorized value-added reseller of Smart Hub Labs to make its software available to labs.

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