What are you looking to improve?

Gauge combines industry leading technology and decades of industry expertise to help manage your assets and improve your efficiencies. From monitoring your rolling stock to keeping tabs on equipment to custom-tailored solutions, Gauge is here to help with:

Driver Behavior

Monitoring driver behavior in real time allows you to identify positive and negative behaviors and how they impact things like vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.

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Asset Utilization

Gauge helps you improve fleet and asset utilization, which can have a positive effect on driver safety, efficiency and even billing.

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Preventive Maintenance

An ounce of prevention can save thousands of dollars: by monitoring your assets with Gauge, you can avoid problems before they occur. Keeping your business and your employees operating at the highest level.

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Asset Organization

Easier said than done. When asset lists grow into the 1000’s keeping a master list with proper categories and classes can be a monumental effort. Gauge Smart Hub can accommodate the largest of companies by providing a single platform with the flexibility and hierarchy control to manage your assets effectively.

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Compliance & Reporting

Whether it’s hours of service (HOS) or customized reporting tailored to your business, Gauge gives you real-time data to meet regulatory requirements and make intelligent, well-informed decisions.

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Custom Solutions

We have a proven track record, but no two jobs are the same. Each customer comes to us with a unique challenge that has specialized requirements and we work to determine the best plan of action in each novel circumstance. Our task is to enable you to meet your objectives

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From Construction to Utilities to Government. And beyond.

Gauge serves a wide variety of clients and industries.

Installation Services

Our experienced, in-house installation department can get you up and running (and rolling) in a timely manner. We also offer training and support, which makes for a smooth, easy transition.


Established in 2009, but with industry experience spanning decades, Gauge continues to grow and expand to meet the needs of its clients.